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When it comes to your home you want things to be in order. After our busy weeks and hectic lives home is where you can put your feet up and enjoy what all that hard work is going towards. Your home should also protect you from the sometimes harsh Colorado weather swings. Any home that is constructed is tied together with one very important thing, and that is the roof. Without a roof that is sturdy and watertight your sanctuary can quickly become one of your biggest headaches. At Triton Roofing we take our reputation for quality roof installations very seriously, we also take that same pride in our repairs. So whether it’s repairing a leak or a complete roof replacement you will not be disappointed with the care you recieve and the superior level of craftsmanship. Before we begin any project there is an inspection of the interior and exterior of the roof. What our inspector is looking for is whether or not you can increase the life of your current roof and just do a cost effective repair, or if the roof is in need of a complete replacement. Below are some of the things that your roof inspector is going to be looking for.

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1) Shingles that are broken or out of place.
Most homes are built using roofing materials that are cost effective at the time, like asphalt shingles. But as these budget materials age they can crack and become brittle way before the roof should be showing signs of wear. Poor shingle wear can also be a sign of improper or rushed instillation.

2) Mildew, Mold and other plant life.
It’s no secret that when you see mold and mildew growing in excess that there is an over abundance of moisture. Beyond just the presence of moisture there is also the probability that the plant life is weaving its way into the underlayment and supporting layers of your roof. The good news is that mold and mildew don’t happen in a short period of time, and they are also easy problems to spot. So if you see any signs when you look up at your roof give Triton Roofing a call before things get any worse.

3) Ventilation
You may not think that your roof needs ventilation, but without airflow through the attic the lifespan of your roof will dramatically decrease. While attic ventilation is important to dry the roof out after a rainstorm it is mostly for hot air to escape during the cooler parts of the day. If hot air is allowed to sit underneath the roof in the attic while the shingles are exposed to full sunlight all day you can imagine what happens to your roof after a few years.

The items mentioned above are only the beginning of our roofing inspection checklist, but they give you a good idea as to what the inspector will be looking for and what you can be on the lookout for as the homeowner. A roof inspection is not something to put off, so if you see any early warning signs that your roof may be damaged called Triton Roofing right away!