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At Triton Roofing we are experts in the field of commercial roofing, meaning we have worked on virtually every type of commercial roof out there and have maintained a solid reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. As a business owner you deal with enough stress managing the day to day operations of your company, so when it comes to roof inspections and roof repairs we endeavour to be as straightforward and respectful of your time as possible.

The roof of your building is the first line of defense against some of the harsh conditions Colorado is prone to having. Hail, high winds, snow, rain and hail are just some of the things you should be prepared for when you purchase a new commercial space. Once you have set up shop and are running a successful company it’s doubtful that you want to spend your free time researching emerging roofing trends and how to increase the lifespan of your roof. That is where our expertise only just begins to serve you. After a comprehensive inspection we are able to pinpoint not only wear, damage and potential problems, but we are able to back up any repairs or suggestions we make with a wealth of knowledge and nationally recognized certifications.

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What does one of our experts look for during an inspection?

Roof Inspection Colorado Springs

1) Layers of roofing and signs of damage:
Most commercial roofs have layers of material such as a membrane water proofer that can be prone to cracks or blisters. Beyond that the inspector is looking for anything that could turn into an issue down the road.

2) Rooftop equipment and joints.
Commercial flat roofs have numerous pieces of equipment coming up from below, like HVAC systems, skylights and ventilation. The inspector is going to look around the perimeter of each of these pieces for excess moisture or cracking. They are also going look at the expansion joints, which are used to minimize movement of the roof during extreme weather and temperature fluctuations.

3) Stained Ceiling tiles:
Ceiling tiles that have yellow or black water marks are a sure sign that there is a leak happening in the roof above.

4) Dripping water or leaks:
More likely than not, as the business owner you are aware if there are leaks in your roofing system causing a disruption. Rather then try to deal with it yourself and cope using buckets or barrels give Triton Roofing a call right away so we can get the issue taken care of for you.

5) Heating and Cooling bills that fluctuate dramatically:
Questions like this and others will likely be explored in the first few minutes after your inspector arrives on site. But if you have noticed drafts, or poor ventilation in your commercial space or a spike in heating or cooling costs there may be an issue with the way the original roof was installed or how quickly it is deteriorating. Triton Roofing will be fair and transparent during and after an inspection when we are discussing issues and possible solutions. We have partnered with dozens of satisfied business owners and delivered them top quality advice, repairs and roof replacement. We couldn’t be more excited to hear from you too!